Monday, November 3, 2014

Pulau Pinang Kawan Diploma

its been a while i'm not update or post anything on my blog.

by the way, i'm already graduate for Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.

and and and currently i'm continue my study in Degree of Computer Science (Computer Networking) and yeahhh at the same university. yesss welcome to networking fields the busiest course in the world. perhaps. hahaha.

quite a lot story i want to share here. but i dont know where to start. so lets begin with....... ohh my trip to Penang with my diploma's friends. lets share the photos. and since its happen long time ago (not very long but yeaahh) and i forgot the actual date and name of the places so just enjoy a few photo here.

 this the clock near the Kota Lama.

awesome right?

entrace at Hin Bus Depot

some awesome painting at Hin Bus Depot

 good friends come with good laughter. yekee?

 ini dalam camera museum tak silap.

 found this cute mail box while walking along the love lane. classic, old school, unique and awesome.

roti kaya uncle ni gila lembut sedap dan sangat awesome !
kenyang makan.

 jambatan kedua Pulau Pinang. since jalan lengang sangat amat kami berhenti tengah jambatan amik gambar bagai. hehehehe.

 on top of the Bukit Bendera.

in cable car, on the to Bukit Bendera. photo booming!

 some cute night lamp at Night Market

 our last day at Penang. forgot the beach name. kbye.

 my transportation.

this was my very first trip with my friends. memory created. 
nice to know all of you. nice to share stories with all of you.
nice to laugh at every jokes. nice to know more about Penang.
everything nice. just nice.



ALL the BEST for all of you.

till we meet again at next trip.