Wednesday, December 5, 2012

when the world ....


Patience, an open mind and a ready sense of humour will get you through the rough times.
- unknown

i'm found this quote and i fall in love with this quote. 
yes, the quote is the most exactly true about how live my life. hehehe.
 patience, open mind, sense of humour and maybe common sense

patience, like others said 'Sabar itu Indah'
of course ! for sure ! exactly !
dengan sabar kita boleh maafkan orang
memaafkan tanda kekuatan
dengan memaafkan jiwa boleh tenang

open mind, redha and ikhlas
ape kaitan?
setiap kejadian yang berlaku cuba open mind.
fikirkan kesan positif negatif
jangan tutup minda dengan tempurung
elak laku macam katak

sense of humour,
why so serious ?
get a life !
show of your beautiful smile and some hilarious laugh. hahaha.
 ini penting untuk mereka yang hati kapas. hehehe.
sometimes some people buat lawak kasar. kena terima tu.

common sense, IMPORTANT
taktau maksud?
try google, ask your parents, teachers, lecturer or maybe ustaz.
penting ni penting.

that's all. hehehe.

take you time to rethink or 'muhasabah' about what you did or will do in daily life
24/7 is good enough to be with yourself alone

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