Thursday, November 24, 2011

composed and cool.. thats me..??

hello everybody..
 we already start the new semester.. 
so far so good for this week..
yess.. we got a new amazingly awesome lecturer..

pn. maslita for data structure and algorithm..
en. zulkifli for technical communication I..
sir. p. utama for mathematics for science computer II..
en. ariff for computer organization and architecture..
pn. rosmiza for basic database programming..
en. mohamad for ethnic relation..

for sure the same section, same group..
and the same faculty...

one of the lecturer said that i'm is composed and cool..
the same thing my friend told me.. 
honestly.. i'm not sure..
okay.. it's not easy to act cool.. muaahahhaha... 

the real tips for be cool is always be POSITIVE and think POSITIVE..
 learn how to read the body language..
accept all the advice or curse willingly.. muahahahhah...