Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oouhh.. my pretty boy..

cun tak minah nie..??
ehh,,!? salah "cun tak mamat nie..??"
siapakah beliau..??
beliau ialah Bill Kaulitz, vocalist kumpulan Tokio Hotel

with twins brother Tom Kaulitz

-Allergic of apples
-Doesn’t like chocolate
-Uses 30 min to get ready in the mornings
-Was only 5 years old when he took part in a movie.
-Allergic of mosquito/wasps
-Has divorced parents
-Says that he doesnt smoke, even though he has been caught while smoking with his friends on a resturant.
-Born 10 minutes after his twin brother, Tom
-Has a dog called “Scotty”, and a cute cat called “Kasimir”
-Was only 7 years old when he started writing his own songs.
-Was really good at school, he got 1.9 in average. ( 1 is best, og 6 is the worse).
-He hates sports
-Says that he’s a very sensitive person (emo?)
-Has been single since 2, 1/2 years now, and hasnt kissed any girls since that.
-Has the voice of “Arthur” in the animation movie “Arthur and the Minimoys”
-Wants to fall in love again.
-Doesnt sees any impossibility falling in love with a fan, because then she could understand him better, and that he has to spend a lot of time with the band.
 - copied from Biography Bill Kaulitz -
(bace biografi beliau memang comel..)

Tokio Hotel

tapi camne pula dengan ini..

p/s : sorry to JB's fans...

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