Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i hate you

hello there..
in this post i want to try blogging in English.. can i..
hahaha.. -_-*


have you ever hate somebody. i'm sure you have.
i just want to ask " what would you do when someone you hate come near to you?? "

"hmmm.. run away.. "
" push he/she away"
"do something that shows i hate he/she"
"tell he/she that i hate he/she"
"just ignore he/she"

and "what you will do if he/she want to talk with you"

"says nothing"
"keep quiet"
" ask he/she not to speak to me"
"lalalala.. cannot hear la.."

what if he/she wants to befriend with you

"no way.. i hate he/she"
"hahahaha.. funny"

someone had said to me " if you hate someone, it's doesn't mean everyone likes you "
that's mean, there someone  who hate you like you hate he/she
and why ?? 
sometimes we don't know why they hate you and why you hate he/she. sometimes it's about ridiculous reason. something like "he/she take my seat", "he/she too pretty or handsome", "why he/she so nice to other people". and sometimes you don't realize that jealousy make you hate someone. i have hate someone, but i never shows it to he/she. because i know everyone have weakness and goodness. nobody is perfect. you know that if you be kind to someone you hate and forget the hatred, you will get something that you never think. what??do, wait and see...

p/s: if someone hate you very bad, just be nice with them or ignore them and think
" they are jealous of me"  

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