Thursday, June 10, 2010


i want to introduce you all about PKOM FAMILIA..Basically, PKOM is one of the course that offered by Technic Commerce School Johor Bahru. PKOM stands for "Pengaturcaraan Komputer" or "Computer Programming". We are the '09/'10 batch. Our class routine starts from 7.30am till 4.20pm which is the most period of time. You can find out our teachers at the home page, our form teacher is Miss Mareena bt Mahadi and teach us Bahasa Melayu. Our class has the ratio of 1:1 since we have 10 Gentlemen and 10 Ladies. The limit is 20. So, all the seats are taken.
class teacher+BM = CIKGU MAREENA

quiet+freak+cute+romeo+smart+monitor = taqi

branded+talkative+model??+catwalk+gucci = abegh
freak+kiah+superactive+black = a'an

macho+quiet+tallest+funny = hafiz

footballer+hafiz bestfriend+funny+handsome(sometimes) = hairi

dreaming+kyra+guitarist+kawad+cute+KD+blur = irsyad

add.math+weak+badak+freak = fiqal

jawa+exco blok+nasyid+handsome+funny+lalatz = izzat

kota+fly+big+black+scary+carpet = jai

quiet+cute+funny+izzat betfriend+prefect+smiling = khai

 monitor asst.+cute+amoy+myfriend+jai enemy+math = miera

cute+alim+small+talkative+sweets supplier = aliya

fastest+pretty+tall+active+honest = tieha

crying+muffin+juliet+cute+pretty+cute voice = ushna

blur+add.matholic+prefect+small = shira

argh.!!+talkative+cute+mr. N+ushna bestfriend = wani

small+KS+talkative+touching+hmm?? = atien

prefect+cute+smart = wana

superquiet+sick+blur+nothing = pyqa

want to know more about they all,
you also can found them at:

or just watch out our blog

P/S: to pkom familia.. jangan marah.. sayang korang sampai bila-bila

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